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From: MOM

There are so many memories I have with my son, I don't know where to start. I'll start with some recent happy times we had with each other. One that comes to mind is last New Years 2009. We got together at Julians Uncles house with the family and a few friends. Every one was having a good time. We had music playing and I was trying to get Julian to dance with me.  I ended up just dancing with his arm because he wasn't wanting to move. I know he had it in him if he only put alittle effort. He was good at everything he did. The nexy morning was alittle rough with the long car ride home and all the partying we did the night before, but it was all good times.

Another memory I'll always look back and smile about was when we went ice skating. It was Julians first time but no-one would have guessed it. He's a fast learner. I was skating hanging on to the wall for dear life and he flew by and grabbed me and took us both down.  It hurt but we were both laughing. Its hard to think back at the good times because the pain just follows right behind. I've survived cancer 2 times. My son was not suppose to go before me. In case theres a 3rd time. I don't want to go without knowing who took my son. If anyone has information. Please help us out. This could have just as easly happened to your family.

  From: DAD

Where Do I start? I guess I’ll start from the beginning. I remember the day he was born. We decided to be surprised weather boy or girl. I heard the doctor say “It’s a boy!” I was so happy I had a good strong healthy boy. I loved him from the moment I saw him and will never stop. I use to be so excited to get home from work. The first thing I would do when I got home was go grab Julian, sit him on my lap and we would relax on the recliner and look at the fish tank, and we would fall asleep together there on the recliner. As he got a little older he liked to help me around the house. When I would cut the grass he would go out there and help me. I would have him hang onto the middle bar of the mower and he would help me push it around the yard.

He learned quick. He learned quick in everything he did. In all his sports he was always one of the best on the team. Always competitive. I was proud of him, watching his games or watching him compete in matches. I’d tell him any sport he wanted to do I’d help him. But he had to want to do it himself. He had to want it in his heart and in his mind.

He got in a little trouble growing up. Like most teenagers do. But he was growing past that, trying to change his life. He was trying to get away from the bad influences in his life. He was learning the people he hung out with were leading him in the wrong direction. I’d always tell him “know your enemies but watch your friends too. Always know what’s going on around you.” That’s one piece of advice he didn’t take from me.

I spent a lot of time away from home, a lot of hours working. I would talk to him, and he would act like he wasn’t listening but I know he was. I would catch him doing some of the things I would tell him.

When he got into MMA, he loved it, that was his passion. He looked forward to his first fight. We went out to watch but they didn’t find him a competitor to go against him. He was so disappointed, he was ready to get in there and test his skills.

He was a good kid. I use to walk by his room at night before I went to bed and tell him I love him and give him some words of encouragement. Now I walk by his room and even though he’s not there I still tell him I love him, even though I can’t see his smile, his laugh, his smirk. They took my boy from me. The “friends” that were with him that night. They say they didn’t see anything, they don’t know who did it. You call that friends? They didn’t have his back. Julian would have had theirs. That’s the kind of person he was. He was loyal, he wasn’t afraid. Friends are there for you, they support you in your goals. They don’t try to drag you down with them.

The coward that took my son is out there. Maybe laughing, Joking, drinking a beer with what he thinks are his friends. We’re going to find him. It may not be tomorrow, or next month, but we will find you. He took a lot away from me and my family. We wont give up. I can be patient. He can run and hide, but one day he’ll have to face me like a man. And the people that are helping him hide or lie they’ll have to face their day of judgment too.

If anyone has heard anything that can help. Please don’t be afraid to contact us.  

 From: Damari (Julians Sister)

My brother is the most important person in my life. I have a lot memories with him. The most recent was when we went to watch him in what would have been his first MMA fight. I remember how anxious and excited he was to get in the cage. He only had a few months of training at that time but it didn't matter to him. He wasn't even nervous. He was ready to get in the cage with someone who was much more experience than him. He didn't end up fighting after all. They didn't find a compeditor for him and he was so disappointed. I was so proud to see him so dedicated and passionate about something again. I know that if he was given enough time he would have been successfull in MMA. He worked out and trained everyday. You would have been ordering his fights on payperview. Thats what his goal was. To be a professional fighter. He was alway good at sports, always one of the best players on the team. It came natural to him. He was good at anything he did. He was getting in some trouble for a while and stopped sports. Thats why I was so happy to see him show intrest in something positive again. I saw him changing and growing into a great man. I have 17 years worth of memories of my brother. Its hard to beleave that I'll never have the opportunity to make new memories with him, that someone took that away from me. There were soooo many things I wanted to do with him. I thought I had all the time in the world to do them.

I know that finding the person that did this won't bring my brother back (if only it was that easy). But it will bring some sort of piece to me and my family. Its not fair that the person that murdered my little brother is still out there living their life free with no punishment for what he did. Hopefully some one will step up and say what they know. Because theres no way that this happened in the middle of a party and no one saw anything.

From: Cindy

My little Julian. I remember first meeting him when he was around seven years old. I thought he was the cutest little boy ever. I would always joke with him and tell him that he was my "little boyfriend" because I knew he would grow up to be a handsome man. During that time, he would always follow Damari and me around. He would look at us in wonder with those big beautiful eyes of his. I will never forget those big brown eyes always full of curiousity. I think that's why he was such a fast learner: always wanting to learn something. I remember when I first saw him again after the Rodriguez family moved away from San Francisco to San Marcos. I was so suprised to see how tall he had become. I looked up at him and said to myself: "I knew you were going to grow up to be handsome".  Damari loved him so much and because of her, I grew to love him as well. My prayers continue to be with the Rodriguez family and I know that it will only take time before you find the person who took Julian from you. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do for you. Julian lives in our memories and our hearts. He will always live in mine. Love always,

 From: Stephanie

Julian and i love laughing and just having the best times ever when we go out. so for valentines in 08' he took me iceskating and mentioned that his mom was gonna come along because she had'nt been iceskating in a while. so us 3 went. when we got there i remember him looking at me and just smiling with his big smle and lauging and telling me couldnt beleive he was gonna do this (iceskate), but i knew deep inside he really wanted too. we took eachothers hands and went on the ice, i thought we were going to iceskate slow like how they do it in the movies but next thing u
know julians going so fast as if he has done this before i had to let go. as he past me a billion times he kept falling over and over again on his butt. me and his mom just couldnt stop laughing at him. a lil while later i decided to iceskate with his mom because he was just having his own little fun iceskating by himself. while me and rosa (his mom) were on the sides julian comes by really fast and takes his mom. his mom was soo scared it was soo funny he grabed her and just took off with her they eventually fell on top off eachother and we all 3 couldnt stop laughing. that valentimes day i could really say was perfect. on valentines 09' julian gave me a card saying "i would fall on my ass a thousand times more just to see that smile" well handsome you wont need to fall on ur ass anymore just to see me smile..our memmries is what makes me smile.
**my favorite memory.
rest in peace julian.
i love you.

  From: Edward

I Remember when I first met Julian, It was third grade Mrs. Benovitz' class. He sat right in front of me. We were writing in our journals. The assignment was to right about our first day. I looked up at him and said."Hey, do you want to be best friends?" He said yes

From that day on we were as close as can be.

Too many memories to choose from.

Countless times i'd sleepover
Going bowling on mike's birthday
Him nearly cutting his toe off on the treadmill
Me getting my finger caught in the pool gate


Even though we went separate ways in middle school he was still my best friend.

My only regret is not telling him that.

I remember we would always say we'd become the next boy band and practice our singing. It was really funny when I had last spoken to him, He told me he'd been training to fight MMA. We must of been linked somehow because If my football career doesn't go anywhere I too aspire to be a MMA fighter.

To the Rodriguez Family

Im deeply sorry. I wish there was something I could have done.

I still question why the good lord takes away. But He obviously has better things in store for Julian
RIp Brother 

From: Andie
I remember when I first met Julian a few days after the family had moved to San Marcos. My family had just moved into the neighborhood as well and he was into sports like I was so we became friends. Julian was always like my little brother and we have so many memories that we shared that it's hard to narrow it down. I remember my sister Christy and I would always be over at Julian's house in the summer so that we could all go swimming in the pool. There was this one time that Julian and I were competing to see who could hold our breath under water the longest. So we each took turns going back and forth until he started yelling that there was a bee in the pool. I told him not to worry about it since the bee was dead and just floating there. Well a few minutes later he startd crying and yelling, it turned out he was trying to throw the bee out of the water when he got stung by the bee. He ran inside and Rose took care of him but when he returned we both just started laughing, because who has ever gotten stung by a dead bee?! Julian always could make light out of any situation with that big smile and his dimples.

Growing up with Julian and around the Rodriguez family, my heart goes out to the family for the huge loss. I know nothing can bring him back but I just ask that if anyone knows anything about that night that they would come forward out of respect for the family and for Julian. We all miss you Julian, but it's comforting to know that we have our own all star for an angel.

From: Christy 

Wow idk wer to begin. I still cant believe ur gone. I remeber when i first met you. I was 5 and you were 6. You were my first crush lolz but 2 you i was andies annoyin little sistr i guess yu always had a thing 4 older women lolz. R familys were so close with each othr yu were always at r house playing wit josh jaime or andie and i wuld just watch. I membr da times yu stayed da nite at r house you wuldnt take ur shoes off.. You wuld sleep with them on or the times you would tell me freddy and jason were gna get me if i didnt do sumthn nd i believd evry word you said.i membr josh always lookd up 2 yu and wanted 2 b with you like da times were andie and i tryed changin his diaper and he wuld run around the house naked you were the only 1 who could catch him. Theres so many memories of yu but dats all i have left is the memories. I knw 1 day the 1 who caused all this pain will pay. My prayers go out each and evry nite 2 the rodriguez family. You guys r and will always b part of our family. I knw that ur in a bttr place and not livin in this world and thats what gets me through those times were i cnt stop thinking about you. Just know ur gone but nvr 4gotten. I love you julian austin rodriguez



  From: Celia

I remember when we first met in Elementary school. Right off the bat you were that popular cute kid who ALL the girls wanted to chase and EVERYONE wanted to "hangout with on the playgroud" or in your case the Basketball court. ESPECIALLY after that Backstreet Boy performance of yours in our Knob Hill Talent Show. haha! ;)

  There was one thing that stood out about you the most, it wasn't that wonderful smile that could brighten anyone's day or those crazy cute dimples, it was that heartwarming personality of yours. We could go months, even years without talking and no matter what you could always manage to make me feel like a life-long friend. And that is exactly what you are in my eyes Julian, a LIFE-LONG FRIEND. I miss you nerd.

- In Peace may you Reside Julian Austin Rodriguez -




  From: A Sister Who Understands

 I just read the article about Julian, just wanted to tell you that I too lost a brother in a tragic accident, and he too was just beginning to turn his life around. That was in 1991 and unfortunatly it still hurts. BUT, the best advise i have is to TALK TALK TALK to whoever will or wont listen, never stop talking about him and the pain will lessen. Take care and continue his legacy with the anti gang talks, sounds like he would have wanted it that way. May peace be with you always.




 We think of Julian in the present because he has and always in our hearts as well as Raul, Rosie and Damari.  There are so many great thoughts of Julian when he played football with Daniel.  Just a powerhouse on the field even at such a young age.  When Julian and Daniel were little boys they got their juice boxes and cookies then climbing up the pepper tree. Out of no where they plucked the branches and just hung out daydreaming.  Finally they came down rode bikes and went swimming all day.  One funny story me and Rosie took the boys for break feast before their football game.  When we got there we found out we barely made it before weigh ins...But didn't matter cause the boys won that day.  And our trip to Knott's for Daniel and Julian's birthdays with their big eyes when they rode the roller coaster over and over.  Every time we saw him he always was very respectful young man.  Raul and Rosie we still reside in the same home if you all need anything.  Rosie you were so comforting to us at our time of loss and never got to thank you for all your kind words, hugs and prayers that are truly appreciated.



From: Brandy

The last memory I have of julian is the new years party at my parents house i constantly think of this I dont know why but i do i was pretty tipsy and i was eating chips and salsa on the counter but i accidently poured the salsa all over the counter instead of just on the cream cheese julian walked down the stairs and i waved him over  and he started chowing down with me he didnt even make fun of me for being drunk or for the mess i made, i just told him its good huh and he said yup with a smile thats my last memory of him i just thought it was a funny story i had video of all of us that night but it was wobbly had i known that he wouldnt be with us today i would have never erased it i feel bad about that.


From: Cynthia

Wow its really hard to believe your qone but u will always be in my heart n everybody elses heart. julian was a really nice person that always had a way to make everybody smile not matter how said u were he would make anybody laugh. i Remember when he would always want to try to make me mad but it never worked cuz he would be lauqhinq. when u say him at partys he was always a hiqh spirited quy. the last time i say him was like a month before his death i saw him walkinq by woodland thats the last memory i have of my buddy julian.
   and to the rodriguez family
i am really sorry for what has happened im pretty sure someday we will find out who would do such a crime
    -i love you julia n Austin Rodriguez. you will always be in my heart

  From: Landin

It is hard to beleave that Julian has passed!! I did not get the honor of hanging out with him as he was older but I do remember him as a kid!! He was taken to Texas at a young age and then moved to California...I always felt he was so luck to have Raul and Rosy to get him out of East Chicago!! to live a better life. Away from all the gangs and violence that I grew up in!! I guess it does not matter were you go! Raul and Rosy I miss you's so much and im sorry this happened!!! They will be found and they will be delt with!!

R.I.P lil cousin Julian

From: Sara

Julian Austin Rodriguez,
You are one of a kind. its about to be two years youve been gone and its so crazy it seams as if it was just yesterday i saw you at the store. the first time i meet you i remeber looking into your eyes and telling you that i liked your eyes and then you got really shy, i know our friendship was very intersting but it was still great :) i just wish well i think we all wish we were able to se you one last time atleast just for a second just to say hi one more time be able to see you in your eyes and tell you there gorgeous. ja remember when you found out alex was my cousin you were all tripping out on me for taling to him and you would telll me dont get your hopes up hes no good and i would just laugh and when you found out we were related ha i remeber your exactly words " Wow, why didnt you say anything? i feel really dumb now" ha those words wouldnt stop playing in my head me and alex still look back and remember as if it was yesterday :)  Julian you are and always be in our hearts kiddo<3 you never held anything back and made sure to say it how you saw it.  think my best memory had to be when julian and i were going to go on a "RUN" so i told him i was going to go on a diet and he just laughed he said i was perfect the way i am but i asked him to support me and he didhe was there by my side the whole 3 days :) lmao it only lasted 3 days because julian got me out of it. the first day we jogged and julian got hungry and he took me to eat i was expecting to eat a salad or something like that but no he got me a big burger :) the second day we jogged but it was early that he wanted to buy pizza so we went to my house and i was expecting him to get atleast a veggie pizza but no he get a cheesy greasy one so that failed :) and the third day we went to go jogg again and he wanted ice cream so we went to buy some and well i just gave up because julian just kept on feeding so from that day one every time someone mentions anything about a diet julian is the first one who comes up to my mind :)
*May you Rest In Peace Julian Austin Rodriguez *
when you see my mom tell her i miss her and love her take care and every day that goes by it just seams as if its a day closer to seeing you again :)




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